Jay has an authentic approach, together with his sense of humor and experience, make him a master at his craft. Read More

Hamid A.

Owner, Dubai International Trading Company

Jay’s approach to accent reduction is nothing short of remarkable. His cultural awareness combined with his linguistic expertise made our sessions invaluable. Read More


IT Consultant

Jay’s guidance in accent reduction has been transformative. His ability to analyze accents and provide tailored guidance is remarkable. Read More

Maxime L.

Financial Analyst for a European Bank

English is my second language and I have been speaking it using the same pronunciation and accent that I use when I speak French Read More

Sofia D.

Senior Manager

Jay’s impact on my accent and communication has been profound and deeply personal. As a graphic designer, my work often involves collaboration with international clients and colleagues. Read More

Sofia I.

Freelance Graphic Designer

As an HR manager, effective communication is the backbone of my role. When I started working with Jay, I felt both excited and slightly apprehensive about addressing my accent. Read More

Isabella B.

Senior HR Manager

I wanted to take a minute and let you know how grateful I am for the work you have done with me. When we met, I had a very distinct Columbian accent. Read More

Felipe M.

Program Officer, Non-Profit

Jay’s influence on my accent and communication has resonated deeply in my work as an environmental scientist. Read More

Maria Elena S.

Environmental Scientist, Government Agency

I have always struggled with my accent. It made me feel like whenever I spoke English I was not the confident person I knew I was in my native language.  Read More

Gloria M.


As a software developer originating from the bustling streets of Mumbai, navigating the global tech landscape demanded more than just coding prowess – effective communication was paramount. Read More


Software Developer

Meeting Jay was the biggest blessing that could have happened to me when I started my career. Read More

Jessica B.


This process was great. I knew I needed to make changes so people would not have to ask me to repeat myself.  Read More

Nitin S.

Computer Engineer

Jay is an amazing teacher and coach. He immediately identified the sounds that needed adjustments. Read More


Director of Communications, Finance

With his personalized approach, I quickly began to notice improvements in my speech and pronunciation. Thanks to his dedication and exceptional coaching, I now feel more confident in my ability to master the American accent. Read more

Raluca A.

Real Estate Investor

Jay will help you to make lots of interesting discoveries. The way you think you communicate might not be what it really is. After just a couple of lessons, you will start hearing where exactly your accent appears and which sounds or words you should pay specific attention to.  Read more.

Ekaterina R.

Tech Manager

I was searching for an accent coach to help eliminate my midwestern twang. I found Jay knowledgeable, approachable, flexible, and inquisitive. Read More


VP, Senior Leader , Automotive Industry