Laura Peruchi Mezari

I love English. I’ve been studying by myself since I was a little kid, then later at school and then in private courses.

When you live abroad and the language becomes part of your everyday life, you are always learning something new. The way I see language learning is: I’m always trying to improve my skills. And although I’m fluent, I was feeling the need to make more progress. I knew I had problems with some sounds and I finally decided to find a teacher to help me with that. That’s when I found Claudette. We had a 15 minute video consultation to discuss my needs and get to know each other. I ended up signing up for 10 classes and I could not be happier about it.

We work on different sounds every class, practicing the song, words, and sentences. Claudette is an expert. She has deep knowledge about American pronunciation and she pushes you to give your best!

I love the fact that I have all the classes recorded, so I can go back and review on my own. And I can also notice how I am improving since the first classes. I’m much more aware of the sounds now, and I learned so many things about these same sounds of which I had no idea. I also love that she gives me homework and feedback about my exercises.
I see these classes as one of the best investments I’ve made for my English journey.