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Mastering North American Accent

Enhance your North American accent skills, tailored for acting roles, business interactions, or personal growth. Gain comprehensive learning in this specific dialect.


Non-Native Speaker Coaching

Achieve a natural-sounding, polished Standard North American accent. We help you overcome common linguistic challenges with focused training and proper pronunciation. We deliver customized programs to facilitate easier integration into English-speaking environments.

Voice Development

Bring your voice to life with authentic and believable speech patterns. We offer detailed analysis and replication of dialects for vocal accuracy.

My techniques help you maintain voice health while mastering your new accent.

Presentation & Communication Skills

Enhance clarity, pronunciation, and effectiveness in presentations. My strategies help you engage your audience and deliver messages with confidence. Experience personalized coaching to improve interpersonal communication skills.

Experience The Perks of Dialect Coaching

Choose The Accent Coach for your dialect training and transform your communicative abilities

Faster Results

We use targeted training methods for rapid improvement. Save time with efficient and effective coaching strategies.

Expert Guidance

Learn from an experienced coach who simplifies complex dialects. Get individualized attention to ensure you grasp the nuances of your new accent.

Confidence Boost

Enhance your speaking abilities to unlock new professional and personal opportunities. We help you overcome communication barriers with newfound confidence.

Authentic Communication

Master the subtle details of the Standard North American dialect, including vocabulary and cultural references. Achieve authentic intonation and rhythm for natural-sounding speech.

Flexible Learning

My online coaching sessions are designed to fit your busy schedule. They are accessible from anywhere, providing a convenient path to improvement.

Why Choose The Accent Coach for Communication Skills Classes?

When you choose The Accent Coach, you choose a partner committed to your success. Speak words that echo through spaces and people you meet on your journey.

Personalized Approach

  • My programs are not one-size-fits-all. We consider your unique needs, goals, and starting point.
  • Tailored lesson plans and feedback.
  • Flexible scheduling to suit your lifestyle.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the wisdom and techniques of a seasoned communication professional.

  • A personal coach with extensive experience in communications, media, and professional development.  
  • Access to a wealth of resources and support materials.

Proven Success

  • Our track record speaks for itself, with numerous clients achieving and exceeding their communication objectives.
  • Testimonials from satisfied learners.
  • A community of alumni who continue to excel.

Why Choose My Dialect Course?

Selecting The Accent Coach means opting for a personalized, effective, and flexible approach to dialect and accent coaching:

Personalized Approach

My coaching designs a customized learning program, tailored to your specific goals and styles. I will give ongoing assessments to adapt coaching strategies as you progress.

Experienced Coach

I have deep expertise in linguistics and a passion for teaching. My coaching is dedicated to making dialect acquisition accessible and enjoyable.

Proven Results

I give a commitment to tracking your progress and adjusting as needed. Check out our success stories from satisfied clients across various professions.

Interactive Learning

Engaging online resources and exercises for a dynamic learning experience. I provide immediate feedback and practical application to solidify new skills.

Convenient & Affordable

We craft flexible online sessions that eliminate the need for travel. My competitive pricing offers great value as compared to traditional coaching classes.

Online Accent Coaching for Convenience and Flexibility

Our classes are offered uniquely through online accent coaching for your convenience. You can take advantage of my professional advice and assistance from the comfort of your own home, regardless of where you are in the United States or the rest of the world.

My virtual coaching sessions are flexible and accessible, allowing you to fit your training into your busy schedule.

Coaching Packages

Choose from my flexible coaching packages to suit your needs:

5 Week Coaching Package

Dive into the basics of accent modification and build a strong foundation in just five weeks.

10 Week Coaching plan

With my all-inclusive 10-week plan, spread out your learning across two months.

15-Week Coaching Package

Get the full immersive experience and transform your accent in under four months.

No matter which package you choose, my goal is to boost your confidence and equip you with the skills to excel in communication.

Services We Offer

Communications training

Proper communication in both business and life can be transformative. Communication is at the very essence of our lives, yet few are taking advantage of its power in their lives. Learn how to manage your voice to connect with your audience and transform your life for the better.

Interview training

We design tailored sessions focusing on accent reduction, speech clarity, and interview strategies that align with your career goals. Clear communication is critical, and reducing your accent can significantly improve how interviewers perceive and understand you. My interview skills training will help you put you on their path to your next career move.

Dialect coaching

Achieve a natural-sounding, polished Standard North American accent. We help you overcome common linguistic challenges with focused training and proper pronunciation. We deliver customized programs to facilitate easier integration into English-speaking environments.

Accent modification

Accent modification goes beyond traditional speech therapy by focusing specifically on refining pronunciation and speech patterns to reduce accents. My approach serves both native and non-native speakers to enhance comprehension and polish speech.

Diction modification

My diction classes are carefully designed to give you the abilities and techniques you need to become an expert in speaking clearly and accurately. My classes offer a structured curriculum covering everything from phonetics and articulation to intonation and rhythm.

Why Choose the Accent Coach

Customized Curriculum

Tailor-made training plans that cater to your specific learning objectives and skill level, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

Flexible Learning Options

To fit your schedule and learning style, select from a variety of flexible learning options such as online modules, group classes, and one-on-one sessions.

Professional Guidance

Take advantage of the knowledge and direction provided by me, as I have years of experience in speech coaching and diction modification.

Measurable Results

Track your progress and achievements with regular assessments and feedback. This will enable you to monitor your growth and celebrate your successes along the way.


What People Say


So Impressed!

I have always struggled with my accent. It made me feel like whenever I spoke English I was not the confident person I knew I was in my native language.



Incredible Service

Jay’s influence on my accent and communication has resonated deeply in my work as an environmental scientist.

Maria Elena S.

Environmental Scientist, Government Agency

Highly Recommend

I wanted to take a minute and let you know how grateful I am for the work you have done with me. When we met, I had a very distinct Columbian accent.


Program Officer, Non-Profit

Incredible Service

Jay’s impact on my accent and communication has been extraordinary, reaching far beyond the technical realm. As an HR manager, effective communication is the backbone of my role.


Senior HR Manager

So Impressed!

Jay’s impact on my accent and communication has been profound and deeply personal. As a graphic designer, my work often involves collaboration with international clients and colleagues.


Freelance Graphic Designer

Highly Recommend

English is my second language and I have been speaking it using the same pronunciation and accent that I use when I speak French, my first language.


Senior Manager

So Impressed!

Jay’s guidance in accent reduction has been transformative. His ability to analyze accents and provide tailored guidance is remarkable.

Maxime L.

Financial Analyst for a European Bank
a globe with the map of europe showing

Highly Recommend

Jay’s approach to accent reduction is nothing short of remarkable. His cultural awareness combined with his linguistic expertise made our sessions invaluable.

Hiroshi H.

IT Consultant

Incredible Service

Jay has an authentic approach, together with his sense of humor and experience, make him a master at his craft.


Business Owner


What materials will I need for my sessions?

We provide all necessary materials, including audio samples, instructional documents, and practice exercises. All you need is a computer or mobile device with a stable internet connection, a microphone, and, optionally, headphones for clearer audio during sessions. When you enroll in our coaching, we will share an itinerary with you.

Can dialect coaching help with accent reduction?

Yes, many of our clients seek our services for accent reduction or modification. Our coaches are skilled in helping you soften or modify your native accent to achieve clearer pronunciation and more effective communication in another dialect.

Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement to enroll?

There is no minimum or maximum age for our services. We believe it’s never too early or too late to start learning a new accent or dialect, and we tailor our coaching to suit learners of all ages. Contact me to learn more information about eligibility.

How long does it take to learn a new accent?

The timeline varies depending on your goals, current proficiency, and how much time you dedicate to practice. Most clients see significant improvement within a few weeks to months.

Start Your Accent Modification Journey Today

Ready to take the first step towards clearer, more confident communication? Join us at The Accent Coach and unlock your true voice with expert accent modification training. I am here to help you every step of the way, whether your goal is to improve your communication skills, lessen your accent, or just express yourself more clearly.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized accent modification training and embark on a journey to communication excellence.

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