ACCENT MODIFICATION is an art not a science. Training with me will be something you look forward to do. Promise!

Speaking English with 100% expertise can be a challenge. Here’s why; English language schools and testing facilities focus solely on four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking, but do not include proper pronunciation.

Without accent training, your vast knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary may be rendered inadequate. Three situations may occur;

serv-01You’re perceived as less intelligent and credible because of your accent.
serv-02Your pronunciation creates misunderstanding. You mean to say, “START” but your listener hears “STOP”.
serv-03People stop really listening, instead they focus on trying to understand what you said a minute ago.

These realities can hold you back from being successful when stepping in the forefront to represent your company or climbing that proverbial corporate ladder. And if you are a leader in your company, your accent may create a lack of respect.

Here’s how we remedy this.

With the use of Skype and your sense of privacy, I’ll guide you to appropriate consonant and vowel usage and more Standard American or Standard English (British) melodies, so your communications are precise. We’ll remove all obstacles of miscommunication.

DICTION TRAINING is needed even if English is your mother tongue. If you notice that you often have to repeat yourself or that you’re being judged negatively, it may be due to your diction, your improper enunciation.

This happens a lot. Your language skills were formed by your family, friends and environment. Everyone spoke the same, therefore, there was no judgement nor misunderstanding. Once outside of those comfortable surroundings, it’s a different scenario.

An American man approached me and this is what I heard him ask, “You need atohmay?” I said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what an ‘atohmay’ is”. Exasperated, he handed me his business card; he was a “tow man”, for those unfortunate days when your car just won’t start.

Our Skype sessions will focus on everything that you need to have a crisp sounding Standard accent (American or English). I’ll help you discover the sounds so they resonate within you and feel authentic. We’ll build lasting muscle memories so eventually, you won’t be able to do these sounds any other way.