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Accent Reduction Training

Is your accent holding you back in your career or life goals? Together, the accent reduction coach can help you communicate effectively.

Career Building

Accent Training allows your ideas to be shared more easily and confidently allowing your career to grow.

Feel More Confident!

Speak up and feel good about it, knowing others understand what you’re meaning to say.

Enhance Your Speech Clarity

Learn the proper pronunciation of words and sounds, and avoid miscommunication with our speech coach.

Communicate Effectively

Speak efficiently and effectively so you don’t have to constantly repeat yourself.

Propel Your Career Forward

Use your new language skills to help gain greater opportunities in your workspace.

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Reduce Accent, Enhance Communication

With my accent modification services, you’ll learn how to reduce your accent while enhancing your overall communication skills. Using my unique method, I lead you through focused training sessions to solve those unique individual difficulties you face with your accent.

Through dedicated practice and expert guidance, you will gain the confidence to express yourself clearly and effectively in any situation.

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What is Accent Reduction?

Accent reduction, also known as accent neutralization, helps you speak more clearly so that others can understand. Through my unique process, I help you become proficient in speaking with a Standard North American accent, including learning specific sounds and intonation.

Who is Accent Reduction For?

Accent reduction courses are ideal for business-savvy individuals, medical professionals or someone who is looking for more opportunities within their chosen careers. English language schools focus on listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This will get you far but what you need is to be understood and this is where I come in.

What is the Process of American Accent Training Like?

The entire accent modification process begins with a quick 15-minute CONSULTATION. This helps me determine most of what we need to modify and whether or not we’re a good fit. From there, we schedule classes and homework accordingly, helping you break through communication barriers.

1. Book a 15 minute consultation.
In our 15-minute consultation, I’ll determine most of the sounds that we will modify. For instance, vowels, such as the short “a” in “cat” or the long “e” in “need,” and consonants, such as P, K, T, and L. This is our first step to break through your communication barriers.
2. Schedule your classes.

We’ll work together to determine a class schedule that works best for both of us. During each class, we work on one or two sounds. I’ll help you understand how to form the sound and its mechanics. We’ll continue playing with the sound until you feel comfortable. From there, we incorporate real words so that you can immediately put these new sounds to work.

3. Complete all assigned homework.
After our sessions together, I’ll assign homework for each new sound and encourage you to use it as much as possible with others, such as when in restaurants, at work, or shopping. Before your next class, I’ll review the recordings of your homework to determine our focus during our next session.
4. After the basics, we incorporate your specific work verbiage.
Usually, we’ll continue with one sound until you feel comfortable with it. We then add your work verbiage, ensuring you are pronouncing your most commonly-used words clearly.
5. You feel confident when you communicate and a world of opportunities opens.
Through working together, I will increase your confidence and encourage you to enjoy learning all of these new sounds. When working with me, I will make things fun and comfortable, without any pressure or judgment.

Accent Reduction Training Packages

5 Week Coaching Package

Dive into the basics of accent modification and build a strong foundation in just five weeks.

10 Week Coaching Package

With my all-inclusive 10-week plan, spread out your learning across two months.

15 Week Coaching Package

Get the full comprehensive experience and improve your accent in just under four months.

Services We Offer

Communications training

Proper communication in both business and life can be transformative. Communication is at the very essence of our lives, yet few are taking advantage of its power in their lives. Learn how to manage your voice to connect with your audience and transform your life for the better.

Interview training

We design tailored sessions focusing on accent reduction, speech clarity, and interview strategies that align with your career goals. Clear communication is critical, and reducing your accent can significantly improve how interviewers perceive and understand you. My interview skills training will help you put you on their path to your next career move.

Dialect coaching

Achieve a natural-sounding, polished Standard North American accent. We help you overcome common linguistic challenges with focused training and proper pronunciation. We deliver customized programs to facilitate easier integration into English-speaking environments.

Accent modification

Accent modification goes beyond traditional speech therapy by focusing specifically on refining pronunciation and speech patterns to reduce accents. My approach serves both native and non-native speakers to enhance comprehension and polish speech.

Diction modification

My diction classes are carefully designed to give you the abilities and techniques you need to become an expert in speaking clearly and accurately. My classes offer a structured curriculum covering everything from phonetics and articulation to intonation and rhythm.

About Me

Growing up in vibrant Montreal, a melting pot of diverse cultures, I was fortunate to be immersed in a vast mix of languages and accents. This exposure ignited my passion for language, shaping my career path as a writer, communicator, and teacher.

From an early age, I realized the power that someone’s accent has, and I’ve dedicated myself to helping people realize their true potential.

I am a Northern American accent coach and I love my work. Helping you communicate and to be understood is my passion. In a world where global connections are stronger than ever; clear and effective communication is vital. Join my virtual classes and connect with me from anywhere, at any time.

Let’s unlock your speaking potential together! Join me on this exciting journey as we explore the wonders of language together!

Personalized Approach

I understand that every individual has unique speech patterns and goals. That is why Itailor my approach to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum results.

Expert Advice

Your coach, Jay Alexander Poulton, is committed to assisting you in realizing your greatest potential. He has years of expertise in accent modification, and his expertise and passion for communication shine through in every session.

Proven Results

My clients have seen remarkable improvements in their communication skills, which have enhanced their career prospects, improved their confidence, and led to greater success in their endeavors.

Supportive Environment

Acquiring a new skill can be intimidating, but myfriendly and motivating atmosphere will inspire you to go beyond your comfort zone and accomplish your objectives.


What People Say


So Impressed!

I have always struggled with my accent. It made me feel like whenever I spoke English I was not the confident person I knew I was in my native language.



Incredible Service

Jay’s influence on my accent and communication has resonated deeply in my work as an environmental scientist.

Maria Elena S.

Environmental Scientist, Government Agency

Highly Recommend

I wanted to take a minute and let you know how grateful I am for the work you have done with me. When we met, I had a very distinct Columbian accent.


Program Officer, Non-Profit

Incredible Service

Jay’s impact on my accent and communication has been extraordinary, reaching far beyond the technical realm. As an HR manager, effective communication is the backbone of my role.


Senior HR Manager

So Impressed!

Jay’s impact on my accent and communication has been profound and deeply personal. As a graphic designer, my work often involves collaboration with international clients and colleagues.


Freelance Graphic Designer

Highly Recommend

English is my second language and I have been speaking it using the same pronunciation and accent that I use when I speak French, my first language.


Senior Manager

So Impressed!

Jay’s guidance in accent reduction has been transformative. His ability to analyze accents and provide tailored guidance is remarkable.

Maxime L.

Financial Analyst for a European Bank
a globe with the map of europe showing

Highly Recommend

Jay’s approach to accent reduction is nothing short of remarkable. His cultural awareness combined with his linguistic expertise made our sessions invaluable.

Hiroshi H.

IT Consultant

Incredible Service

Jay has an authentic approach, together with his sense of humor and experience, make him a master at his craft.


Business Owner


What is accent reduction and how can it help you?

Accent reduction, also known as accent neutralization, helps you improve the clarity of your speech so that others can understand you more easily. With our training, you’ll learn to speak with a Standard North American accent, focusing on specific sounds and intonation. This can help you feel more confident in your communication skills and potentially open doors to new opportunities in your career or personal life.

Who are accent reduction classes good for?

Our accent reduction courses are ideal for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. This can include business professionals, medical professionals, or anyone looking to advance in their chosen field. While English language schools focus on general language skills, we specifically help you ensure you’re understood clearly.

How much do your accent reduction packages cost?

We offer three coaching packages: 5-week, 10-week, and 15-week. You can find more details and pricing on our website.

Who teaches at The Accent Coach?

It’s me – Jay Alexander Poulton.  I am an accent coach with a passion for language and communication. Growing up in a multicultural environment, I understand the power of accents and am dedicated to helping people achieve their communication goals.  With my experience as a writer, communicator, and teacher, I create a fun and effective learning experience for my clients.

Start Your Accent Modification Journey Today

Ready to take the first step towards clearer, more confident communication? Join us at The Accent Coach and unlock your true voice with expert accent modification training. I am here to help you every step of the way, whether your goal is to improve your communication skills, lessen your accent, or just express yourself more clearly.

Contact us today to schedule your personalized accent modification training and embark on a journey to communication excellence.

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