Fama Locke

Originally from France and working as an actress, being able to achieve a neutral American accent was a priority for me. I first tried to teach myself using books, watching a lot of TV and using so many different apps. It was time consuming and a waste of energy as I was not making any sort of progress. Over time. I grew incredibly shy and upset to use my voice in my work as I was very much aware of my terrible accent.

Claudette is the only teacher who found a creative way to teach me how to speak with a neutral American Accent. I cannot stress this enough, Claudette goes above and beyond to help you achieve the correct sounds by creating exercises that work specifically for you. She makes everything possible. She is incredibly patient, compassionate and professional. She gives you the confidence you need to change the way you speak.

She also tremendously helped me improve the quality and tone of my voice to achieve a warmer sound. It’s the little things that give you away as a foreigner, and Claudette knows them all.
I took all my classes through Zoom, from the comfort of my house. And trust me, it is actually ten times better than any in person training because you get to record all your sessions, meaning you get to watch them again later to practice as much as you want. Being able to watch and hear yourself speak is incredibly helpful in your progress as well.

If, like me, you want to improve your American accent, do not waste any more time or money and start working with Claudette. She is the best investment I have ever made.
Thank you so much Claudette for not giving up on me, for your incredible work and patience and literally pushing my voice forward.

Testimonial Fama Locke