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    Frequently Asked

    Where do we meet for our accent reduction sessions?

    I use Zoom or Teams for all of my client sessions. This means that we can connect for our sessions anytime and anywhere. No matter whether you’re traveling or located across the country (or in another country!), I can work with you and your schedule.

    Do accent modification, accent reduction, and accent training mean the same thing?
    Yes! These three phrases are used interchangeably. Yet, they all mean the same thing. They all help improve your pronunciation, helping you clearly communicate with others and be well-understood.
    Who is accent reduction appropriate for?

    Accent reduction is appropriate for anyone who wants to speak clearly and confidently. I’ve helped business professionals, medical professionals executives, public speakers, educators, and media professionals improve their communication and excel at what they do best.

    How many sessions does it take to reduce an accent?

    This depends on the individual and their goals. Some individuals may have thicker accents, which may mean it could take longer. At the same time, some people are faster learners than others. It’s all quite variable. 

    What is your schedule for classes?

    Monday – Friday: 9:00am EST (0900 h EST) – final class at 5:30pm EST (1730 h EST) Saturdays: 10:00am EST (1000 h EST) – final class at 12:00pm EST (1200 h EST) And because life is full of surprises, some exceptions to this schedule are allowed.

    At the same time, I do make some exceptions depending on you and your situation.

    How does payment work?

    Payment is often done via PayPal, Email Transfer, or check. For my current rates, please reach out to me through email. For cancellations, I require, at least, a 6-hour notice.