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Accent Reduction Blog and Resources

What Is Accent Reduction?

I really don’t like the term ‘accent reduction’. We all have accents. There’s no  such thing as reducing an accent to a neutral sound. An American or Canadian  accent is still an accent and considered foreign to a Brit or an Aussie. What really goes on is, you learn...

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How Does Accent Reduction Happen

The term Accent Reduction is a misnomer. It really should be called  Pronunciation and Melody Training. Each language and accent has different rules for pronouncing sound.  If you’re Chinese, N at the end of a word may sound like NG to an American. thin / thing If...

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How Much Does Accent Reduction Cost?

Accent reduction programs and coaches have fees that vary greatly. Group  lessons are generally less expensive but they can’t allow for individual attention  if the rest of the group has achieved the modifications. Ask if the coach does private lessons and how much...

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Accent Reduction Course

Wow. Lately, it seems a lot of you have decided to use this challenging time to get ready for what is to come, whatever that is! I guess, we all have to be open to change and be flexible to what is needed now. It’s a new world. I think a good accent reduction course...

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