Naigui Chen

As I finished my 10 hours of coaching, I listened to the recordings of the same video script I did before and after I took the course, and I could not believe my own ears. The difference was
night and day. My improvement was further validated by my American-born friends and family members. Many of them told me that almost every word I said was clean and clear and they could truly hear the difference from how I used to speak.

While all accents are beautiful, and even my English was acceptable, I constantly had self-doubts and second guessed my pronunciations. It’s tiring. Now, English feels more comfortable

in my mouth and I can focus on the conversation instead. I was able to achieve my goals because I had the best coach I could ever find. Claudette is outstanding in her ability to hear the tiniest errors the human ears can possibly pick up, and then designs effective exercises to help you correct them; she’s stubbornly persistent and simply would not give up until she was happy with the results; and above all, she’s just a genuinely pleasant human being who is kind, focused, charismatic, and has endless positive energy that leaves you confident and inspired after each session.
At the finish of my initial 10 hours, I extended my program by 5 more hours because I knew I could do even better with Claudette’s help. If you decide to work with Claudette, my suggestion is to simply follow her instructions, do the exercises as much as possible, and avoid over thinking. Accent improvement is more a physical than intellectual activity. Stick to the word and sentence exercises, which she has put in a lot of thought, and let the miracle gradually unfold. You will be surprised by yourself.

Thank you so much Claudette. You are absolutely gifted and have inspired me in so many ways.