Meeting Claudette was the biggest blessing that could have happened to me when I started my career in Hollywood.

I always believed that there should be a natural way to learn the neutral American accent, the same way a child learns their mother tongue. I couldn’t relate to the “accent reduction rule book” and after trying a lot of different methods, Claudette was my best and only answer.

She does the ground work necessary for anyone to adopt a new accent. She teaches you how to present who you truly are, or maybe who you want to be; a confident and intelligent person. She gives you the skills to communicate with greater comprehension, and not just verbally, she also guides your physical behaviors so you’ll not be misjudged. You’ll learn how to fully immerse yourself in the culture.

She is a one-stop shop for every student, whether you are a business professional or an artist.

Claudette, I owe much of my success to your incredible work of art. You are the best dialect coach in the world.