I'm Jay Alexander Poulton

The Accent Coach

Helping you communicate to reach your full potential.

 Unlock opportunities and unleash your confidence!

 My Story

 First of all, thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better.

My background:

  • Formally educated in English Literature and Journalism
  • Raised in the multi-cultural, multi-lingual environment
  • Speak fluent English and French, really bad Spanish and understand some Polish.

Some highlights:

  • Trained and worked in professional communications roles for over 15 years.
  • Worked internationally with professionals across the globe.
  • Have coached, trained, worked with, and advised business professionals, CEOs, COOs, medical professionals on the international stage during my career.
  • Wrote over 35 published books.
  • Travelled to over 25 countries.

My background combined with all the experience throughout my life and career has given me a unique perspective into accents and how important your voice is in today’s globalized world. If you want to make a different in your career and in your life, contact me today.

Why Choose Me?

My Background Makes Me an Accent Expert

I have been immersed in world accents and different languages every day of my life; English, Polish, French, Persian, Jamaican, Indian, French Canadian, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Russian, Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese…truly an international upbringing! My entire life’s experience has given me the tools to be able to help others reach their communication goals.

Helping you communicate is my greatest passion.

I’m an Accent Autodidact (self-taught!)

My teaching style caters to your needs, goals, and schedule. I have created an original approach, incorporating my own techniques with fundamentals like IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), placement, pitch, articulators and other proven concepts. 

My Teaching Style is Organic

I speak with the most desired North American accent for professionals, the Standard North American accent. It’s considered neutral. I designed my accent to be this way.

Diction is also a part of an accent. I guide you towards clear speech, regardless of your nationality. Foreign and American-born people benefit greatly from proper enunciation, as it raises communication skills creating better life opportunities. And since English is deemed as the lingua franca, (the common language between speakers whose native languages are different), being able to speak with others from all nations is imperative.

And unfortunately, improper diction may sometimes betray intelligence and your authentic self.

My Approach

I instruct students worldwide via teleconferencing

I can work with you, your colleagues and or employees, who need to converse comfortably with a global English audience. My goal is to guide everyone to be the best possible person in every situation; a strong leader, a powerful motivator, or a caring professional. We will work together to get you to where you need to be!

Begin Communicating Clearly & Confidently Today!

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