Ah, I love this question. And it is only ever asked by native speakers.

A native born Canadian once said to me, “I love other people’s accents. If it’s an  Italian accent, that’s even better. It sounds so romantic and sexy.”

My response, “Let’s agree that it is a beautiful accent.

Now, assume your new Italian doctor, who is neither romantic or sexy, is  explaining your very important medical diagnosis and critical treatment options.  Their “sexy” accent/pronunciation is preventing you from understanding every  single word.

Loving their accent now? No, you’re not.”

Those who come to me don’t want to be thought of as charming or anything  else other than professional and confident. They want to communicate fully with  no barriers and judgements.

Their “romantic” melody may still remain, but they learn how to use consonants  and vowels for your benefit and theirs, really. Now, they can move up the  corporate ladder, converse fluidly with their clients and colleagues, and blend  with more ease.

Ciao a tutti.