Even with the popularity of modern technology and the ability to email, text and chat online, many businesses still prefer the old-fashioned forms of communication like phone calls and in-person meetings. While most companies utilize technology through video conference and online meetings, they still like to choose methods which allows them to connect with a live person.

Having an accent can make communication challenging, especially if it differs vastly from people in another region. If you’re accent is thick or rough, you may find it difficult to make your comments understood. It’s important to understand why accent reduction is important when communicating in business.

It Prevents Misunderstandings

Verbal communication can be misunderstood at any time but having an accent that is hard to understand compounds the problem. It’s always best to put important information in writing, but there are times when this step isn’t possible.

If the person with a heavy accent is in a position of supervision or manages a group or department, their instructions could easily be confused. Staff members may make the wrong moves based on what they thought their manager or supervisor said. If these decisions are critical to the operations or success of the company, one mistake can be costly. Accent reduction can ensure that the message is given clearly to prevent these major misunderstandings.

It Prevents Missed Opportunities

A heavy accent can create a barrier to a person being able to promote within a company. There are two reasons for this issue. First, people often develop a stereotype of accents. While this isn’t fair to the person, it does happen and they must understand their position. Certain brogues will come across as crass, uneducated, unfriendly or even uncooperative to the listeners. Even though the person may be none of these things, the people around them develop an image based on the way they talk.

A second issue is the concern for employers that the person will be misunderstood. Maybe they are great at their job, but an employer may be concerned that they couldn’t work with employees who would have trouble understanding them if they were the manager or supervisor. Perhaps the employer is worried about how customers will receive them. Having an accent could hinder their opportunities to find jobs or promote up within a company.

Accent reduction can allow you to receive more opportunities to advance your career no matter where you choose to pursue it. While it may not eliminate your accent, it can tone things down to where you’re better understood.

How to Reduce Your Accent

Once you see the advantages of reducing your accent, you may want to find out how to accomplish this goal. You can find an accent reduction coach who will teach you to enunciate your words differently. They can help you change the way you say certain words and to speak clearly so everyone can understand you regardless of where they are from. Don’t let a heavy accent hold you back or ruin your business communications.