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I am unable to accommodate new students at the moment but come back soon to find out more

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Coping with Coronavirus COVID-19

It's staggering what this world is living through right now. And you are still expected to work. Now, that many of you are working from home, you're teleconferencing 100% of the time using your phones, Go-To-Meeting, or ZOOM, for example. Great and not so great. The...

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I recently had a phone consultation with a potential student. He lives in Florida and wondered how effective online coaching could be. He was highly doubtful that I could “fix” his Russian accent using Skype. He needed to become more comfortable and comprehensible in...

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I teach accent reduction in Los Angeles and all over the world. These 5 words are often mispronounced by non-native English speakers causing confusion and embarrassment. FOCUS. If you mispronounce the first vowel you will be saying something very bad. Making that Long...

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