Character A: (noticing Character B’s accent) “Hey, where’re you from? Your accent’s pretty distinct. Is that Indian or Moroccan or something? I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt you know.”

Character B: (smiles unimpressed having heard this all the time) “Yes. I am from Dubai actually.”

Character A: (nods. false sense of superiority building) “Ah, got it. That’s the place with the big building right? Sometimes I find myself deciphering your words like a secret code, but it’s kinda charming, you know?”

Character B: (scoffs) “Well, I guess I will take that as a compliment. Accents do have a way of adding a little mystery to life.”

Character A: (grinning) “Exactly! It’s like a puzzle I get to solve every time we chat. Keep me on my toes, won’t you? ( She says poking him in the shirt)”

Character B: (playfully) “Consider it my way of keeping you entertained.”

They laugh, and as he turns to walk away, the smile immediately leaving his face.

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