I’ve worked with three accent modification coaches before, and I would say Claudette is definitely the most fantastic and has helped me improve my accent dramatically!

I started my class with Claudette in March 2014. After evaluating my accent level and major issues, she developed a customized learning process and method for me. We focused on one or two sounds every week. Although someone maybe think learning only 1-2 sounds per week is low, I actually prefer that because my previous coach worked 3-4 sounds per week, but since it takes time to build muscle memory and fix your pronunciation, I forgot them and went back to my original pronunciation very quickly.

Claudette’s method is way more effective. She gave me lots of practice to truly fix my accent and when I go forward to learn liaison and intonation, it is much easier and efficient. Also, Claudette always pushes to provide the best for me. I remember when she felt her original method to correct my “L” didn’t work well for me, she offered to give me a free class to try another method which she created specifically for me. I grasped that method very quickly and now I can pronounce a perfect “L”. And she volunteers to spend time out of our class to make recordings for me to help me practice better. I truly appreciate her efforts. She’s a coach who wants the best for her students 🙂

And you will never get bored in her class. She is really fun and cheerful. We have lots of fun and laughs. Whenever I feel frustrated by my accent or English, she’s always there to help analyze my major problems and encourage me not to give up. Now, my spoken English is much much better. All my colleagues and schoolmates are surprised by my tremendous improvement during only 6 months. Sometimes people even ask me whether I am born in the US or have lived here for years because they feel I have very strong American accent.

I feel very lucky and blessed that I found Claudette’s accent class on the internet. It rebuilt my confidence and makes my social life and work here much easier.