I am a native German-speaker and work as a consultant for clients from the US and other English-speaking countries almost every day. Being able to effectively communicate with my clients is an important part of my work, and I also love language. That’s why I decided that I wanted to become more aware of my accent and, luckily, ended up taking lessons with Claudette!

Claudette is an amazing and effective teacher. She picked up on areas of potential improvement right when we talked with each other the first time and helped me to direct my focus on where it mattered most. Some of them were easier to work on than others, but it’s the latter where Claudette really shined as a teacher. She didn’t let up and really made me do the work on certain sounds I wasn’t even aware I was mispronouncing until it finally clicked in my head and I realized which speech and pronunciation patterns I hadn’t been getting quite right for decades.

Claudette’s level of expertise and teaching is something you just won’t be able to get from free or cheaper resources like videos or apps. I felt in really good hands with her and ended the sessions feeling empowered and more aware of my speech.

In addition to that, working with Claudette is really enjoyable. She is witty, funny and observant and there wasn’t a dull moment in our sessions together.