Sofia I.

Jay’s impact on my accent and communication has been profound and deeply personal. As a graphic designer, my work often involves collaboration with international clients and colleagues. However, my accent sometimes hindered the fluidity of these interactions. Jay’s patient and encouraging coaching style created a safe space where I could work on my pronunciation without feeling self-conscious. His ability to adapt his approach to suit my unique needs allowed me to address challenges specific to my profession.

Working with Jay, I’ve experienced a remarkable shift in my confidence. I not only communicate more clearly but also engage in discussions with a newfound ease. Beyond the technical aspects of accent reduction, Jay’s coaching nurtured my self-assurance and transformed my perception of my own voice. Now, I confidently present my ideas, knowing that my accent is a part of me that adds depth to my identity. Jay’s guidance goes beyond communication – it’s about embracing authenticity and breaking barriers. I’m immensely grateful for his support in my professional journey as a designer and as an individual.