Sofia D.

English is my second language and I have been speaking it using the same pronunciation and accent that I use when I speak French, my first language. I noticed that my accent was holding me back and people would often ask me to repeat myself, which was affecting my confidence.

I went on the internet to look for an accent coach and landed on Jay’s page. I was excited during our first consultation meeting and I am happy I found her. My experience working with Jay has been very positive and impactful; the sessions are fun ( I laugh a lot) and I am always looking forward to the next class.

Jay customizes her teaching/coaching based on my needs; we work a sound or two each week and I get to practice and send her recordings of me practicing.

In addition to helping me improve my accent, Jay has helped me on my personal development; I was in the process of interviewing for a new job and she took the time to coach and prepare me for the interviews. And I landed the job at the firm I had really wanted.

Jay is personable, caring, and empathetic, which makes working with her delightful. I am glad I landed on the right accent coach the first time. My pronunciation has improved and I have gained more confidence. I trust Jay’s method and her process and I am convinced that she will help me reach my goal, which is to speak English with an Standard North American accent.

Thank you Jay!