Claudette is one of the most caring and hard working coaches I’ve ever met. She has been so dedicated to helping me to achieve my speech goals.

My training with Claudette has been incredible. English is my third language and I speak Farsi, and Armenian. When I started working with Claudette she addressed issues in my accent that I never knew I had. She is a great listener. Her technique and her approach are extremely different from other dialect coaches. She tailors her program specifically for your needs.

I’ve been working with her on Skype and it’s been extremely effective. I have enjoyed the process so much. It’s so convenient to work from my house or wherever I am. One of the great advantages of working on Skype is that I record our sessions and I watch them later and practice. This has been life changing because I strongly believe that my recorded classes with Claudette have been so helpful with my progress.

We also worked on the quality and tone of my voice. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to transform my voice to a really nice and camera friendly voice.

I can feel a huge different in my pronunciation and my voice. Also so many people around me have commented on my progress. Our training will help me tremendously with my acting and TV host/ journalism career.

Thank you so much Claudette for everything you have done for me, I’m so grateful that my media coach Suzanne Sena referred me to you.