Gloria M.

I have always struggled with my accent. It made me feel like whenever I spoke English I was not the confident person I knew I was in my native language.

Finally, I had had enough and looked out for some help. A friend told me there are actually people out there that help others to reduce accents and Jay was one of the best out there. I took a deep breath and gave Jay a call and boy am I glad I did. The lessons were fun, engaging, and interesting. I did the homework he assigned after every class. Practiced by myself like a crazy person in my apartment working on these sounds and within a few short weeks I noticed the common mistakes I once made had all but disappeared. No longer was the word “world” tripping me up! It was a revelation. My confidence shot up as a result.

I truly truly thank Jay for his amazing approach, his sense of humour and for being so patient with me. FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM NOW PEOPLE