A large part of being an executive for a Dental Group Practice Management company is public speaking. I frequently travel, giving leadership lessons and clinical seminars to doctors and management. However, not until I watched my 4 year old boy, Oliver, struggle through his first words, did I become increasingly aware of how my Chinese accent can distract my predominantly American audience away from my message.

As soon as my son started his speech therapy, it really opened up the possibility of an accent reduction coach for me.
As the saying goes, ‘what you are looking for is looking for you’.

Through a series of fortunate events I met the very pretty, Claudette, who brings energy and enthusiasm to her lessons. She makes hard work fun and gives optimism to those who have given up on accent reduction. I will continue to work on my American accent for the rest of my life and I will always appreciate what Claudette has done for my family and I.

My favorite nugget about Claudette is, she starred in one of my all time favorite movies, Millennium.