Claudette is intuitively gifted, compassionate, emotionally safe, fun, smart, forever-loyal…WORLD CLASS!

As an internationally acclaimed presenter, I was invited to speak at the prestigious Far East British Schools Senior Leadership Conference in Hong Kong. The audience would be 127 savvy, world travelled, supremely well educated (Cambridge, Oxford, Durham, Saint Andrews, etc.) leaders who wanted something unique, exciting and real…ideas/skills that would change lives and inspire a new direction in thinking…the best!

Claudette, totally brilliant, made it happen! My British accent was so exact, so correct, so perfect, that people were fascinated. “Were your parents British! Did you live in England!” You could hear them thinking, “ How could this person be from California and speak with such a perfect British accent?” Claudette is my answer.

Imagine the challenge; a complete week in character, dinners, meetings, general conversation, and six hours of presentation. The results were astonishing! Everyone was amazed, not only at the content but with the “language and accent” so important to the British where “English was born.”

As an educator and professional working actor…in my youth…I realize that once again “learning from the best” is the greatest gift performers can give themselves. 
Claudette is just “the best!”. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not gone to her.

At the conference, a gentleman from South London asked me about my accent. I asked him if he liked it. He stated, “It’s better than mine. It’s so good, it’s scary.”

Thank you, Claudette, you are a total gift to my life.