Claudette Roche is a miracle worker! I do not know how she does what she does but she is amazing! She truly helps you to make you sound and feel American. I didn’t think it was possible because I had over several years tried different and very reputable coaches but none of them worked. I was getting very discouraged until I found Claudette. I had a very strange accent which was a mix of Swedish, Australian and British English.

We started in person when I was in Los Angeles and then continued via Skype when I moved to New York. Under Claudette’s guidance, which is really creative, I made instant improvements with my accent. It was now really clear to me what I was doing that alerted Americans to my foreign sounds.

We also worked on the quality and tone of my voice, and incorporated certain behaviors to create a full American package. I wanted to blend in seamlessly and not have to tell people where I was from every single day.

It is super important in my job as a Sales Representative for a large pharmaceutical company to be able to speak and present to the Doctor’s and nurses, in a clear and understandable manner which doesn’t confuse or distract anyone.

The work I have done with Claudette has helped me in my career immensely and I know no other coach who could have achieved the results that I have gotten but her!

I continue with classes with Claudette as maintenance. And I love that most everyone thinks I am from LA!

Thank you, Claudette, for making me American and sound it every day.