Personal Awareness

Often, you may have no idea how you are perceived by others. You assume that all of your positive intentions are crystal clear but certain vocal tones, accents and behaviors indicate otherwise.
Example: An executive that I coach was a “slow blink” listener. He would blink, closing his eyes for a second longer than normal. This unconscious blink indicates to the person speaking that they’re uninteresting or annoying.He was shocked to learn that he did that. He then checked with a staff member if she ever felt he was bored or upset with her. She said, “Yes, sometimes.”

That was an eye opening moment for him. He is extremely interested in people and their ideas. Once we assessed when and why he’d developed this unconscious strategy, he corrected it by simply allowing his truth to be expressed.

My most fabulous student, Dennis McLoughlin, said to me, “Change starts on the inside, otherwise people of integrity feel they’re lying by faking a new hand gesture or moving a certain way. Everything on the outside reflects something on the inside and people will control this until the inside changes…through a trust relationship”.

He’s 100% right.

I’ll help reveal fresh and honest verbal and nonverbal skills that communicate the joy and truth of the, “new you.”

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