My classes with Claudette were even more interesting than I expected them to be. I’d never done accent reduction before so I had no idea that I could learn while actually enjoying myself.

Claudette explained every sound so simply. She could relate to my experience regarding learning a new accent.

People noticed my accent modifications quickly. I really enjoy public speaking, I always have, but now I have no reservations at all. I lead seminars and meetings, and of course, I interact daily with my staff and patients, so having a Standard American accent is critical to my success. I no longer have to repeat myself, everyone understands what I say the first time. They are not listening to my accent, they are listening to the content of what I’m saying 100% of the time.

I realize that I must be vigilant with this process, I strive to always do the best I can with everything I do, so I schedule refresher lessons with Claudette via Skype to keep my accent strong.