Originally from Europe, I’d been stuck with a subtle accent that was noticeable enough for people to continually ask where I’m from. 

I never knew I could alter the way I spoke until a co-worker changed her thick New Jersey accent to a neutral California one. She felt she had to change because people would sometimes laugh at her. No one ever laughed at me, I was simply tired of people mentioning my accent.

This is how I found Claudette; she was immediately able to pick up on the things that gave me away as not being born and bred in the USA. She helped me to modify all the sounds that sounded foreign, so I have ended up with a really nice California accent; and most definitely not that Valley Girl up-speak which many people work to eliminate.

We also worked on the tone of my voice. Claudette helped me access a much richer and warmer sound. Together with my new American pronunciation, I now get compliments on my voice from friends and even strangers. It’s a confident tone that I just love. It reflects my true personality and is more conducive to business.