On Camera Guest Legal Expert / Media Personality

After nearly 15 years of public speaking, two sessions with Claudette transformed my entire delivery. She is simply amazing. By using her unique technique, she helped me tap into my emotions, which in turned allowed me to speak not only to the minds but also to the hearts and souls of my audiences. I can’t thank her enough for helping me to unleash my power to inspire and motivate others.

I paid two different speech writers to write the speech for St. Louis. I knew that both speeches were wrong for me and the audience. There was good info in both versions but they were too all over the place and lacked emotion. Spending two hours with you helped me bring the speech into focus and to rewrite it myself with the passion and emotion that I have on the subject. Your ability to listen and to gauge effective writing is amazing.

Thank you for helping me avert a disaster in my first homecoming performance!