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It’s Pronounced How?!

Ah, English, the language whose spelling makes little sense. The history of why we spell words the way we do is quite interesting but not important when you’re trying to communicate. If English is your first and perhaps your only language, you must appreciate the...

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The Importance of Being Understood

Prejudice is an ugly thing, but yet it still exists in our culture. Using proper English in a business setting can be the difference between getting the job and getting shown the door. For many, having mastered proper English but having done so with a foreign accent,...

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Making Strong Memories

When one has a goal it is often the first step towards that goal which is the hardest. Science has proven that people can adopt new habits if they repeat the action for 21 days. Twenty-one days, 3 weeks, less than a month. That doesn’t sound so bad when you think of...

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