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Dennis McLoughlin

Dennis McLoughlin is the Creator of Trust Psychology & High Trust Thinking/Leadership. We worked over a period of a few months to prepare him for a very important conference & workshop in Hong Kong. These had to have been some of most energetic, hilarious and...

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Don Cherry was voted as the seventh greatest Canadian on the CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) television special, THE GREATEST CANADIANS. Many of you watched the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and witnessed the colorful and brash Canadian hockey icon, Don...

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My New Job; Creating Merriment

I am so very fortunate to do a job that I love. Not only do I get to help change the lives of business people via accent reduction, I also help to create art with accent enhancement. And art is an important ingredient for all of our lives. I will be the dialect coach...

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Help When You Can

I had a problem. I had to call DIRECTV, my satellite TV provider. I was ready for a stressful call, not because I have an issue with DIRECTV, but oftentimes when dealing with huge companies like this, you can get on the phone with someone less than qualified to help....

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